I never thought I would be an artist. I didn’t understand art, and it was actually a little boring. My early grade school teachers said my weakest subjects were art and music. Interestingly, I have been extremely involved in music my whole life. Music taught me that life is more than just following rules. Beyond playing the correct notes and rhythm lay a whole world of feeling and expression. I can’t imagine my life without music!!

I started watercolor painting in my mid 40s. I loved the way watercolors blend with each other on the paper. Learning watercolor was a way to play and to balance the more structured parts of my life. The more I paint, the more I appreciate and understand art. Just as in music, I am exploring what lies beyond the basics and discovering my style. My friends tell me that my paintings are soft and blended. I paint many subjects, but I have a passion for painting portraits. I paint portraits slowly and carefully which feels very satisfying to me. I love the process of looking back and forth from photo to painting to see exactly what makes that person look like them. Perhaps this comes from my being a counselor and trying to really see and understand people on a deep level. I love trying to capture someone’s feeling. I also love color and I try to include as many colors as I can when painting skin or shadows.


One of my fellow watercolorists, Gary Snavely, taught me something that guides my philosophy of painting.  He says that “art is an expression of reality as seen through the artist’s personality.” Another quote helps me know what to paint—“It is an artist’s job to find order in life and leave a record of what interested him—not what he thinks he ought to be interested in.” (John Sloan)  What you will see in my exhibit is a way for me to share what interests me, what I find beauty in, and what speaks to me.