About Debbie

Debbie Loyd is a Willamette Valley artist who works exclusively in watercolors. She started after her children were grown as a way to balance the more structured parts of herself. She had always loved watercolor and the spontaneous way the colors blend. She has been known for being an expressive pianist for many years and wanted to expand this to the visual arts. She is mostly self-taught, learning mostly from videos, workshops, and books. Ted Nuttall (portrait artist) and Beth Verheyden (design) have both significantly shaped her work. 

Debbie taught watercolor classes on the north Oregon coast when she lived there. Her paintings have shown in juried exhibits of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Emerald Art Show in Springfield, OR, and Trail’s End Art Gallery in Gearhart, OR.  She has won awards from Watercolor Society of Oregon, Emerald Art Show, and Trail’s End. 

Debbie paints a wide variety of subjects. She loves color and tries to include as many colors as possible in shadows and people. She is especially passionate about painting portraits. She paints slowly and carefully, enjoying the process of looking back and forth from photo to painting to see exactly what makes that person look like them or what they are feeling. She feels this desire to look below the surface is related to her years as a counselor and the privilege of understanding and appreciating people on a deep level. 

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